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  1. Heh, Athens in November still sounds miles better than November in Vancouver! I think I would love to visit at the end of the year like you did (especially if I could see their Christmas Markets – it’s always interesting to see how different they are in different places!)

    I already love walking around Athens in the summer, but I often felt like I was melting. Doing the same this with cooler temps and fewer crowds sounds looovely!

  2. Great post! I spent a winter in Athens and loved it! Super nice temperatures and way less busy than summer. I January it had even snowed for the first time in years! I’ll pin your tips for when I go back again!

  3. I often travel during the shoulder seasons for many of the reasons you laid out here. I will definitely consider visiting Greece in November.

  4. We have never visited Europe as late as November. So it was interesting to see what Athens might be like at this time of year. I would certainly be interested to visit when it was a bit cooler, cheaper and less crowded. It sounds like a great time to enjoy both outdoor and indoor sights.

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