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  1. Your pictures are amazing! I had never heard of these two islands before but may have to add it to a future Greece trip 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Greece but have never visited Rhodes or Symi! This definitely has made me out it in my bucket list.

  3. Wow! I went to some of the Greek islands last summer, but I had no idea that there were actually over 200 to choose from! Rhodes was on my list, but we weren’t able to make it during our trip. Next time I am definitely visiting, and also adding in a wonderful day trip to Symi for the beach and that yummy food!

  4. Old Town Symi looks incredible! I love the older parts of any area of Europe best. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this place before. Seeing as I haven’t made it to Greece yet, I’ll need to remember this for the future!

  5. Greece is a DREAM destination for me! It just might be my first European destination after the pandemic. These tips will be great for that trip – thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for such a great guide. Who knew all the islands that existed!? Such a great place for photos as well, would need to take someone with me just to take photos

  7. WoW! I love how detailed this guide is, and thank goodness because 227 islands to choose from?! Definitely saving this for future travel. Those windmills look incredible.

  8. Beautiful! I’ve been to Greece but not to the islands. This one looks especially gorgeous and love those windmills.

  9. I’ve only been to Crete and a few places on the mainland, but I really want to explore more islands! Your guide is super helpful and your photos are beautiful.

  10. What an absolutely perfect trip! It’s almost as though it’s right out of a fairy tale! Greece has been on my list for a while – but with what’s happening we’ll have to push our plans back. This looks like the best itinerary!

  11. Wow your photos are stunning! I have been to mainland Greece and some of the Islands but for some reason I didn’t know Symi but it did become one of my summer destinations instantly!

  12. Everything looks so beautiful. Loved the windmills part and the old town. Would love to visit one day. Thank you for all the details

  13. Wow, never heard of Symi, but I’m adding it to my Greece bucket list right now. Sounds so lovely being a bit calmer and all.

  14. I love Greece and have visited on a number if occasions. I particularly enjoy exploring old towns. A great itinerary.

  15. I went to Athens and Santorini about 10 years ago and have wanted to go back to Greece and explore more ever since. Rhodes looks absolutely beautiful! I’ll definitely add it to my list for when I finally get back to Greece!

  16. I love the Greek islands, but I have never been to Rhodes or Symi, but this definitely put them on my list. I would love to visit the Rhodes city walls and explore the old part of the town. Symi looks like the perfect place to relax and end this dreamy Greek trip!

  17. I am a local from Rhodes!! Your blog is amazing!! I wish I had met you and show you more of the hidden gems of my beautiful island!!! <3

    1. Thank you!!! I am actually moving to Athens in May, so I will be back to Rhodes this summer!! I’d love a tour!

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