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  1. Serifos looks stunning and would be a great addition to my itinerary when I go to Greece. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Serifos looks like a wonderful part of Greece – a country I’d love to visit one day! I enjoy finding out day trips and lookouts when I’m travelling so I’m glad you included them!

  3. O wow! Another Greek island just added to the list that I still have to explore. Such a lovely guide and I love the restaurant suggestions!

  4. Absolutely love your website and this detailed guide! I adore the maps you put together of the islands and can’t wait to put them to use for my trip.

  5. Hi Melissa! What a lovely guide of Serifos! Thank you so much for mentioning my shop ‘100% Greek limited art editions’. For all your readers passing by I will provide a handrawn free map of Serifos and a Chora map.

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