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  1. this is a great guide – thank you! I just referred to a friend who is going to Amsterdam next week for vacation.

  2. I totally agree, Holland is an excellent place for solo travelers to strike out on their own for the first time. One of my favorite places to visit!

  3. So many great ideas on things to do in and see in Amsterdam! I love that city and after 3 visits I still cant get enough. Will check out one of your hotel recs next time for sure 🙂

  4. Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world! I also have always felt safe when just in Amsterdam! Thanks for the great guide.

  5. What a great guide for a solo female! I went to Amsterdam solo in 2018 and I will be returning this summer so this guide was great, going to check out a few spots you mentioned!

  6. Great layout! And I love the fun details you add in your posts 🙂

    Not to mention that the article you wrote was fantastic. Easy to read and full of detail!

  7. I’ve never traveled solo but it’s so nice to know that Amsterdam would give me a friendly start! Thanks for sharing, will be sure to keep in my back pocket for later.

  8. Funny enough, I have been to Amsterdam twice in my twenties and haven’t ticked many boxes on things to do there (not even Anna Frank’s House, boohhh me). You made me want to visit again and make up for my past lazy behaviour. >D

  9. Sooo many great ideas for a trip to Amsterdam and I loved all your advice for solo travellers too 🙂

  10. Lovely article! Really enjoyed the description and I can imagine how much of fun it will be to travel solo to Amsterdam. After my solo trip to Prague I’ve loved the idea of exploring a place alone. I’ve visited Amsterdam with my husband but maybe one day I’ll like to make a solo trip there 🙂

  11. You are so brave to travel solo. Love cycling so amsterdam is on my travel list. Thanks!

  12. I really want to go back to Amsterdam as I loved the Van Gogh museum and MOCO! I will definitely save your restaurant recommendations as they look amazing!

  13. I have read many blogs and even came across many articles that explain and describe the solo travelling by male travelers. However this is the first blog that I have came across that explains and tells us different aspects of solo travelling done by a female traveler. It has even encouraged me to opt for solo travelling and plan a trip to Amsterdam because it is easily accessible and safe for females. I just want to know more about applying for a Netherlands visa appointment so that I can get a visa for my travelling.

    1. Hey Carby! I don’t have experience with getting a visa in the Netherlands, however I do with Germany. Germany has a lot of options to consider. Have a look at my post about getting the German Freelance visa!

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