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A Single Woman Traveling Top Picks

When traveling alone you want to be prepared! Best to have everything you could possibly need on your exciting journey into the unknown.

Multi-Function Selfie Stick

When traveling as a solo female, you need a good selfie stick to capture those special moments. I can highly recommend this selfie stick that is wireless, has a remote and tripod feature.

Travel Sized Luggage Scale

SAVE yourself some money!!! These budget airlines are sticklers for luggage weight! Did you know they will walk around with one of these scales right before you board?

Don’t get let your bag get too heavy, and the airline punish you for it. This is small and lightweight scale is a must! It will fit easily in any bag, so you can take it on every trip!

Packing Travel Cubes

Saving space in your suitcase is key when traveling! I love these lightweight, packaging cubes to help you pack smart. They are offered in a variety of colors.

Mini Travel Liquid Bottles

Don’t let your liquids get taken from you! If traveling by airplane, you will need to comply with the limitations on liquids. I prefer these bottles and love the little travel applicators they give you.

International Travel Adaptor

The most important travel item is the travel adaptor! This adaptor is a worldwide international wall charger with USB ports. Great to have a back up when traveling solo. Highly reviewed and I can personally recommend :

Portal Travel Battery

When I’m traveling, I use my phone as my camera. I also use it for maps and navigation. This will drain the battery quick. I highly recommend you bring a portal battery. I really like this one, as it’s lightweight.

Travel Neck Pillow

This memory foam neck pillow is amazing! Great for long travel days. It’s highly reviewed by Amazon! A must for the long haul flights!

Chic Marble iPad Cover

Keep your Ipad safe from destruction while traveling! This chic cover is also very functional with its built-in iPad stand! Watch movies easily with this great marble-like cover.

Marble Style Computer Bag

What better way to stay organized than this chic and stylish computer bag! Lots of pockets for all your important travel documents.

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