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  1. I love solo travel for ALL this reasons and so many more. I’m obsessed. Great post

  2. I love solo traveling and totally agree with the benefits you listed! I think it’s great that you are fearless and decided to stop waiting and go off on your own. If you wait for someone to go with you, you’ll never get to go!

  3. I am the biggest advocate of solo travel! I didn’t even think twice before heading off on my first solo travel trip and it was everything I could have wanted.

  4. You were able to perfectly verbalize all the emotions that you process during your solo travels. I’ve learned to really embrace and love solo travel, but in the beginning, as you mentioned, it was really hard. I love that you are able to bring awareness to how empowering solo travel is.

  5. I travel alone like 99% of the time, and I’m totally agreeing with EVERY WORD.

  6. A really nice article. I love to travel alone, and I admire others who do it all the time. It truly can be so enriching! Thanks for this great insight and the helpful tips!

  7. Absolutely loved reading this. Can’t wait to start travelling solo. I’ve beed wanting to do it, but the doubts always held me back. This Pandemic situation made me realise of many things I should’ve done and I aim to do those now, once things get cleared up. ?

    1. Thanks so much! If ever you have any questions about destinations or anything, let me know!!

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