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  1. I’m really into the virtual tours now that we can’t travel. I love this one through Bologna, thanks for sharing your pictures and helping me to pretend I’m traveling! Also, I didn’t know Bologna was the food capital of Italy, one more reason to add it to my bucket list!

  2. Lovely Bologna! Only ever got to spend an afternoon there but would love to explore it further

  3. Ah, I would have been passing through Bologna around this time if it wasn’t for the virus. But when I get there eventually I will save your post so I can use it then! Your pics of bologna are stunning, and I can’t wait to eat loads of pasta and admire the beautiful architecture

    1. Heartbreak! I too am mourning the loss of trips canceled. Feel free to reach out when you rebook! I traveled to a few places in the area. Happy to give you any recommendations you need!

  4. Wow- the cohesion in the color of the architecture is really beautiful. I have not seen much about Bologna previously, but it really strikes me just how beautiful it is. I hope to be able to visit when all this insanity is over.

    1. Thanks! Bologna is a great home base, you can visit Verona, and Florence very easily from there! I can’t wait for the doors to open for travel again!

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