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  1. Love the quick facts section, very helpful! Thanks for putting all this together, seems like a spooky place!

  2. Sighisoara looks like a great fun (if slightly spooky) area to explore. The ‘bus’ ride in does sound like a bit of a nightmare, so thanks for the tip! I would really love to visit Romania… I’ll be sure to hire a car when we do!

  3. Ahh I love places like this! I especially love the looks of that hotel! I’m definitely adding this place to my list and I’ll save this post for when I go ? love your photos!

    1. Thanks! I took these pictures with an iPhone a couple of years ago! I need to go back as soon as we are allowed to travel!

  4. I am a sucker for spooky places!! The hotel is right up my ally. Thank you for sharing these!

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