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  1. Each of these towns looks so beautiful and picturesque, it would be hard to choose just one to visit!

  2. Oh my goodness I am just so excited go visit now! You have given so many unique options! I am
    Soooooo bad with directions so love that you included the google map, because I definitely would go to the wrong towns without it!

  3. Germany has the cutest little towns that are so undiscovered! I visited a Christmas market in Trier a few years ago and was so impressed by how beautiful it is!

  4. Love the idea of exploring quaint towns and villages. Not only are they less touristy, I find it more easier to imbibe the culture and appreciate it.

  5. oh I love Germany towns and villages! I was in Stuttgart in 2018 and the surrounding villages are so charming! Hope to come back and explore your suggestions soon!

  6. A long time ago I was an exchange student in Germany, in a small town. This post brought back so many memories. It was these small charming towns that I enjoyed visiting so much.

  7. Such great places. Although I grew up in Germany, I sometimes forget just how much like a fairytale some of those towns look.
    I’ve visited Görlitz a while back during a work trip. And since I’ve never been before I didn’t quite know what to expect. But was blown away by the town, I must say.

  8. I love the colour scheme of your blog, Melissa! So so beautiful. Also, what a great guide. I am so interested in exploring this quaint German towns ?

    1. Thanks so much! Check out the free google map in the post! It’s toward the top.. it comes with a “secret freebie” as well!

  9. All of these towns look so romantic and charming! Great alternatives to visiting big busy cities.

  10. I spent so little time in Germany, I’m dying to go back and see more! This is a great list of places to see in Germany. Can’t wait to take it with me when I go to Germany again!

  11. OMG Gorlitz sounds amazing and the photos are adorable! I would love to go there. I have only been to Dresden and Berlin 🙂

    1. Gorlitz is so close to Dresden! All these little places really blow me away! Let me know if you come back to Berlin! I live there, so I can recommend lots of things : )

  12. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I visited Germany a couple years ago but not Meissen. I really want to visit the castle. It looks stunning

  13. Oh this blogpost is really exciting! All my future trips got cancelled and I’m looking into driving to my neighbour countries and explore those with the car, much safer and a lot of fun too. From the Netherlands, Germany is pretty close and I’ve been looking for fun trips to cute villages in Germany. This blogpost is perfect, even if it might be a longer drive from the coast of the Netherlands. 🙂

    1. I am so glad you liked it!! It really is pretty close: ) I am in Berlin… I might make it to the Netherlands this summer: )

  14. Can’t wait to visit all of them! Especially Meissen! This is the main reason why I love traveling through Europe so much. All of those small cute little towns has so much magic in them!

  15. I love visiting charming medieval and small towns. These places are really pretty. I have not explored Germany much apart from Berlin. I will definitely be adding some of these in bucket list (especially Meiseen) I can’t wait to start travelling again!

  16. I LOVE Germany and visit my family there almost every year, but they all live in Bayern! I would love to spend more time exploring these towns in the north as well and this list looks like a great place to start 🙂 Thanks for a great guide and all the suggestions!

  17. Absolutely charming! My brother in laws fiancé lives in a charming city in Germany called Tettnang. Basically my first intro to the world outside of Berlin basically!!!

  18. I felt like I had seen a lot of Germany but considering I’ve never even heard of these towns it seems I was definitely missing out! I can’t even decide which is my favourite… Although I do love the medieval style of the buildings in Lüneburg in particular!

  19. I wish I would have read this post before I went to Berlin in February!! Now I have way too many options for day trips the next time I go!!

  20. These charming towns represent so well in your photos. I’ve love to visit everyone of them.

  21. These towns are all just so adorable! I think Schwerin is my favourite, but only just.

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