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  1. Dubrovnik is now on my radar for future visits. I love the mix of having activities to do, while also having the options of just relaxing. These photos are also so dreamy and it just seems like this town is filled with history (that’s always my favorite part). Thanks for such a detailed itinerary and I would love to be able to visit this beautiful place sometime in the future (hopefully sooner rather than later)!

  2. I never knew Croatia was so beautiful. In fact, I didn’t even know it was part of Europe until last year! HAHA I have been living under a rock apparently! Your post is great!

  3. Great post about Dubrovnik, hopefully we will travel again freely soon! Can’t wait to visit and explore the beaty of this city!

  4. such a comprehensive guide, thank you for sharing! also your photos and your blog is beautiful!

  5. Wow Dubrovnik looks stunning! I rented a car in Croatia with my mom and we drove all through it – except for Dubrovnik!! I was so disappointed, but we just couldn’t quite fit it into our schedule. After reading this and seeing your pics I am definitely going to have to go back just for Dubrovnik!

  6. Thank you for this post! I am traveling to Dubrovnik in two weeks and I was scared that it might not live up to the hype 😀 So I am really happy to read you liked it and I will definitely save some of your recommendations 🙂

    1. I would love to hear what you think after visiting!! Let me know what you check out!!

  7. Stunning photos…Croatia is high on my list. I would especially love to visit the Game of Thrones filing locations. I binge watched the series when I learned there was a filing location near where I was staying in Spain last year. And am very intrigued to learn more about the cursed island.

  8. I had never heard of this city before reading your blog post… it’s seems incredible! Looks like a beautiful destination with a lot to do. Thanks for this guide!

  9. I have only visited Zagreb and I LOVED IT!! I cannot wait to explore more of Croatia. Dubrovnik looks absolutely beautiful. I love visiting places where you can choose from a range of activities but you also have the option to spend some time relaxing. I love how you included the questions: Will I get bored in Dubrovnik on my own? This is such a big question when you set off to travel alone.

  10. OK I’ll admit it…Dubrovnik wasn’t even on my list. But it sure is now! You give so many details and tips and the photos…I really don’t know how I couldn’t go visit Dubrovnik! And I’m really inspired by all your solo travel. I’ve been considering it (my hubby doesn’t like to travel) but so far haven’t tried it out yet. I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to solo travel, but I’m getting closer 🙂

  11. Dubrovnik to me is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and corona times are the best to visit it. I’ve been there several times (since I live in Croatia), and never I enjoyed it more than without crowds <3

  12. Dubrovnik has been on my list for such a long time! But your photos are so stunning that I am now even more inspired to visit as soon as possible! Also I have never heard of Rector’s Palace but it looks like such a cool spot! Thank you for sharing this article.

  13. Hi! Did you visit during Coronavirus? Now that Bosnia is also open, I am considering a trip to Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. Do you know if there is any transportation from Montenegro to Bosnia during this time or if I will need to rent a car? Thank you!

    1. Hey Stacey! I visited 2019, so before Corona. I would just recommend getting a car for all three of these places. The transit even before Corona wasn’t the most convenient between the countries. Getting a rental car would give you a lot more freedom. Transit from Sarajevo to Mostar was very easy. Please feel free to email me with any more questions : )

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    1. Thanks! The blog template is via 17th Avenue! I really like their layouts!

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