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  1. I loved reading your reviews! I’ve been pivoting between signing up for The Blogger or Influencer Bootcamp since I love both (but can only afford one right now!). I really appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out. Congrats on your ongoing success!!

    1. Thanks very much!! I would really suggest The Blogger Bootcamp if you have to choose. It has SO MUCH information, I found it a very valuable tool. If you go for it, let me know if you have any more questions : )

  2. This is so helpful! I’ve taken a few of her free workshops and have been debating whether it was worth it to bite the bullet and register for the full-on Blogger Bootcamp. It definitely looks like you got a ton of value out of everything you learned, which is super encouraging!

    1. Definitely worth it! I got a lot out of it! If you have any questions directly, please let me know!

  3. I loved in the influencer bootcamp how she explained presets and trying them for the first time has really given me that signature branded look. It’s always fun to meet another member of a course. Feels like sorority 🙂

    1. YES! I loved the courses too! Do you have a blog? Have you taken the blogger course? I found a lot of value in it! Be sure to find me in the exclusive Facebook group and say hi : )

  4. Thank you for this thorough review! Strongly considering TBB from Christina Galbato 🙂 I have been comparing to other influencer courses and it sounds like this one is the most valuable. I appreciate your insight!

  5. Hi! Do you suggest starting with influencer or blogger bootcamp first ?im completely new to both of them . Thanks !

    1. Hi! Both programs are really great! What is your main goal? Are you looking to create revenue as an influencer or more online space with services and a website/blog?

  6. I have a website I’m building and services. I want to blog for my business and increase email subscribers.

  7. Hi, although your review does seem authentic and not done as part of an affiliate program, I have had my share of online courses in the last year and there doesn’t seem to be anything new about the content that you mention on the blogger bootcamp. What would you say is the real difference that makes this course worth it provided that I know how to set up a blog, drive traffic, set up a funnel for a mailing list and do ads?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Cristina, good question! I know there are a lot of courses out there that aren’t really that great. For me, what was most helpful was the section about Pinterest, and there were some things I hadn’t set up properly that the basic tech section helped me with. I benefited from the step by step of setting up a freebie as well. Do you already have a blog set up? Have you already taken courses on how to get a blog going? What are you mostly needing help with that attracted you to the course? In my post I do have a call to action “starting a business and feeling frazzled” it’s a free calendar meeting link. If you want to book one I would be happy to meet with you and give you my opinion on whether I think you’d benefit from the course or not.

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