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  1. Such a beautiful place! I haven’t got to visit Bavaria and would like to someday. The architecture and the view of the city is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You’ve landed Rothenberg on my itinerary for my next Eurotrip…. it looks absolutely stunning!! Was it really that empty when you were there or did you work some photoshop magic on your photos?? Thanks for sharing! I love discovering smaller cities and towns through bloggers!

    1. It was empty.. it was recent, so you know why. It’s a fairytale-like town if I have ever seen one! You must see it for yourself one day!!

  3. I love the beauty of the medieval part of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I like your tips for day trips. Less is more. I never find it great to pack too much into a day or I miss some of the charm of a place.

  4. The Bamberg cathedral and monastery look incredible. And did I read that right… smoked beer? Sounds intriguing. Great suggestions for day trips, they look like really beautiful places to visit. Your photos are gorgeous!

  5. That’s very beautiful! The photos are incredible! I have not been to Bavaria, but I dream of getting there. Great blog! You inspired me! Thanks!

  6. Nuremberg looks amazing, such a beautiful looking city. And as someone who really is interested in history this would be such a good place to visit. I would have to do a day trip to Bamberg though. That picture you have of the water there makes it look a lot like Bruges which I also loved. I’m a big fan of the smaller, medieval looking towns that you get so many of in Europe

  7. Bamberg sounds like a lovely destination I need to see. I am dying to see Bamberg Cathedral, I like the character of the building and to think it has been in existence since the 14th century is mind-blowing.

  8. I love Germany, but I havent been to Nuremburg. It looks lovely and a little bit different to other German towns I’ve been to. I’ll have to make sure to see it if I ever get back to Germany.

  9. I would love to visit Germany one day, especially a day Trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. What a pretty place indeed looks so idyllic! My kind of town. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This region looks lovely! I haven’t visited Germany much, but have been to Innsbruck, Austria which looks similar in a lot of ways. There are so many places going on my list!

  11. Thanks for this super detailed post and all the great trip ideas. I’ve put Rothenburg ob der Tauber on my list 🙂

  12. Wow, I only read about the biggest cities in Germany but never been to Nuremberg or Rottenberg. Will definitely add to my list once we can travel again!

  13. Nuremberg looks a very beautiful city 🙂 I have never considered visiting it, but after reading your guide, I am adding it to my travel list. I definitely need to explore Germany more. Also, I love your pictures.

  14. I have not been to Nuremberg although your idea of visiting in December sounds awesome as I have not been to European Christmas markets either. I love the half-timbered buildings in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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