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  1. Love this! I’ve quite neglected Ireland but I really need to make it back over and see Dublin – ive only been to Cork and Killarney. I’ll be revisiting this!

  2. I absolutely love Ireland! It’s definitely an easy place to travel around for a weekend. Temple Bar area is one of my favorites. 🙂 Great post – I loved your photos! Ireland has a special place in my heart because I studied abroad in Dublin last spring.

  3. Ireland is top of the list, and it’s posts like this that really make me want to go even more. There’s so much to do in Ireland, and I’ll definitely take some of your suggestions

  4. We got cheated out of our weekend in Dublin years ago thanks to weather delaying our first flight and making us miss the second flight (then we spent 3 days in US airports trying to get to Europe). Your guide reminds me that we need to try to get over there again sometime soon.

  5. I live in Ireland and love travelling around. One place I always struggle with is Dublin city. I never know where to go and other than the main shopping streets, always feel a little unsure. Never been to the Jameson Distillery or Trinity and always eat in chain restaurants because I don’t know any good ones. Loved this post, will for sure save it for the next time I’m visiting the big city 🙂

    Sarah |

  6. Dublin is on my bucket list to explore so I’m definitely saving this post to help me plan my trip!

  7. Fab post! You’ve reminded me that although I love Ireland, I need to spend more time actually in Dublin. I have to admit, we normally drive straight through!

    p.s. I am with you about Irish accents. So flipping sexy. <3

  8. Oh I love Ireland! I’ve only been to Dublin so far but I can’t wait to go explore the more remote areas and the coast!

  9. I have many friends from Ireland (I live in Toronto and there is a large Irish population) so it’s on my list for sure!

  10. Such a lovely read! Ireland is so high on my list, especially for a road trip!

  11. Great post- really enjoyed all your suggestions and photos! My husband and I stayed in an AirBnB in Temple Bar for a long weekend back in 2016 and did a lot of things on your list! Can’t wait to go back and try out some of your other suggestions 🙂

  12. Ireland is on my list and this sounds like the perfect guide! Love that you included day trips from Dublin too!

  13. Great guide! I was supposed to be in Dublin this year, unfortunately, had to cancel all my travel plans. Will refer to all your Ireland guides for when I finally visit.

  14. Aw I love Ireland!! And agree, it’s a great first solo trip :). Love your photos and blog! 🙂

  15. The Brazen Head sounds like a good shout. As do several of the bars you’ve mentioned. Dublin has been on my list for years, and I’ve never quite managed to get there. I’ll be saving this guide for when I do. 🙂

  16. I’ll keep Dublin in mind for my first solo trip! I’m so scared of travelling solo, but I want to do it. Not a lot of friends or family have the time to travel with me so I neeeed to do it to still travel.

  17. As an Irish person, I love reading experiences from those who have visited the country. To get me through lockdown I’ve been watching irish travel vlogs – weird I know!

    I am glad you loved visiting Ireland solo. I’ve recently written about Travelling to Galway solo as a women, to help other travelers. I received comments from other women who have travelled to Ireland alone for the post and I noticed that you said you’d visited Galway on a previous trip. Were you alone for this too as I’d love to include a comment from yourself if you were interested.

    Let me know 🙂

    slán agat
    Sarah |Tinyboots

  18. Thank you for this amazing piece on Ireland; I love your writing style and feel every line of your writing.

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