Going Your Own Way : Travel Talk

The idea of solo travel can stir up a lot of feelings. What comes to mind is: scary, boring, lonely, dangerous, and the list can go on. If you look at it as negative, which can be easy to do, negative feelings will come out. I honestly didn’t like traveling alone at first. For me, I felt bad about myself because I didn’t have a partner. Then, after my 2nd solo trip, everything changed… I learned going your own way…

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Is It Time To Go For It?

Interview with Richer Healing A Single Woman Traveling, Melissa Byron, interviews with Laura Richer of Richer Healing, and Andi Lucus of Hummingbird Marketing on the topic: “Is It Time To Go For It?” I talk with radio host’s Laura & Andi about my life changing solo travel! Listen along or read below the interview, also available on Transformative Talk Radio : Hey! Welcome back to the Laura Richer show, broadcasted on transformation talk radio, I’m your host dating and life…

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